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Honey & Bran Botanical Soap 100g


Our Botanical Soaps are SLS free and suitable for sensitive skin.

Beautiful soap, full of moisturising glycerine and plant-based. 

100g bar. 

Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palmkernalate, Aqua, Sodium Chloride, Glycerin, Bran, Mel, Parfum.

What customers say

omg I have server psoriasis and cannot have SLS in my soap products but really hard to find, But brought some raspberry ripple soap and gone back for more twice, its changed my skin it's not sore or burning so amazing thanks guys I will definitely return for more
Absolutely fantastic customer service and products. They were amazing when I was having problems with a courier. The soaps, shampoos and hand creams work really well and smell great!
Highly recommend! The staff here are always friendly and helpful and they always go above and beyond. All the products are amazing quality and leave my skin feeling soft and moisturised. I have thick dyed hair and the solid shampoo always leaves my hair feeling soft and silky so I won't use any other hair product. Love the soaps and bathbombs and can always find something new to try.
Amazing soaps and bath bombs, also tried the solid shampoo, love the products, very good prices and feels amazing on my skin, well worth the visit.
Great products, great service. If you are keen on good soaps and bath bombs you dont need to go to exeter to visit Lush. Save yourself yhe bother and extra costs by visiting this place.
A cute little store tucked in the market selling an array of wonderful smelling soaps and bathbombs. They are great value for money and the quality of the products is great. My favourites has been thier unicorn soap, monkey farts soap, and thier novelty Christmas bathbombs. Would recommend.
My daughter has sensitive skin, and is limited when it comes to bath bombs etc. Everything in this shop is great for her, and no reactions 😊 I buy all my bath bombs and soaps from here now, there’s so much variety! The soaps look and smell incredible, and the bath products make my skin so soft. I would totally recommend to everyone.

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Honey & Bran Botanical Soap 100g



  • What about sensitive skin?

    We have customers who are prone to eczema, psoriasis & dry skin conditions such as sensitive skin. Please refer to our customer reviews to see what they think about our products.

  • Do you test on animals?

    No Never!

    All our products are never tested on animals, and we also source from reputable companies that have a cruelty free accreditation.

  • Any animal ingredients?

    Apart from a very few products that contain honey, donkey milk, beeswax etc all products are Vegan and Vegetarian friendly and contain no animal ingredients.

  • Will the bath bombs stain my bath?

    We only use water soluble colours in our bath bombs which means all colour will dissolve into the water and run away once the plug is taken out. A quick rinse of the bath afterwards will rinse any remaining colour / dissolved ingredients away.

    The colour will not stick to skin or hair either.

    Please note: Baths containing deep scratches or 'scum' around may be at risk of the colours staining. We recommend that baths be free from bath residue and surface scratching.

  • Are the products safe for Children?

    Our products (as with most cosmetic products) are not advised to be used by children under 3 years old due to their skin being very delicate.

    We advise, as with any skin product, that you should conduct a skin test prior to use.

    If any reaction at all occurs then do not use. Children should always be supervised when bathing.

    Please read our customer reviews.