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Cherry Soda Soap 125g

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Remember games of hopscotch or football in the reck with jumpers as goalposts, spinning tops, marbles, long idyllic summer days?

Remember the school tuck shop and those lovely sherbet crystals in a twist of paper?

If you do, return to those happy days of your childhood with this super smelling Cherry Soda Soap.

If you don 't then tough luck, but prepare for a new experience with this gorgeous soap crammed full of Cherries.


Bubble Bars

Just break a small piece off and put it under a running tap for moisturising bubbles!!! Amazing fragrances and colours. SLS Free. Suitable for sensitive skin.

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Whipped and Whipped Again!

Soap & Mousse

Having being whipped, whipped again and whipped some more these products are capable of producing an amazing lather.

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